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League Info and Signup

League Rules, information & Sign up!


Thank you for your interest in our league, we are always looking for new drivers willing to be part of a group of guys that race hard and have fun doing it. 

N4Nites is about free online racing but if your feeling generous we are more than happy to take donations!

League Rules:

Must sign up with VPM in order to race with us, email League admins with information below: 

VPM Signup click here!

a maximum of three car files per series can be uploaded

(we gladly except rookies and veterans)

3 race probation for all new members, whether your been racing for years or it's your first time.

Required programs and equipment:

voice communications - Teamspeak 3 (info will be provide in league email)

wheel and pedals - NO GAME PADS ALLOWED

NR2003 GAME w/ updated ini file installed click here for download

painted car for your number, there are a few guys here that will paint you a car if required

Race Day

Practice       7:30 pm Eastern

                    All drivers must get server practice time (practice time required to qualify and race)

                    if you arrive on the server to practice: 

                    Practice helps the race and event more competitive and allows drivers to work on setups and learn how  to driver around each other on track with their setups, so we reward those that come out to practice.

Qualifying     8:45 pm Eastern

Happy Hour  10 minutes: (before entering the track for happy hour the admins may have a track meeting, no one is                                         on track at this time.)

Race Start   9:00 pm eastern  (races are official and will start with 3 or more drivers) under 3 drivers and the event will be postponed or canceled. If there not enough drivers each driver that showed up and practiced with receive 10 points to their championship total for the next race.


                  Automatic restarts will happen if there's a caution before every car finishes the first lap

                  Laps 2-5 restarts will be determined by admin.

                  Laps 5-END- NO RESTARTS

                   If you cause a caution in the first lap of the green flag, you will be black flagged and                         have to serve the game required penalty.


Our goal is to have a fun, competitive and exciting race and have it over about 10:00 pm eastern



                 Cautions will be dictated by the game and Admins discretion depending on glitches on track with cautions, timing or scoring issues.

                 Lucky Dog: First Driver a lap down that did not cause the caution will receive the lucky dog award. LD to driver around the track w/ 1 to go and admins will clear black flag on first lap back to green

                  Wave Around: Just like in Nascar the drivers in front of the leader may stay out and take the way around and can not pit. Your black flag will be cleared by admins

Going Green:  All drivers to stop all conversations and focus on the restart

                     All Drivers MUST be within 1 to 1.5 car lengths from the car in front of you

                     Leaders have the ability to take the field back to green within reason but must do so the field can keep within required distance to the car in front of them.

Caused Cautions:  Each Driver will be given 2 opportunities to keep racing after a mistake on the track,on the 3rd  caused caution that driver will park their car asap. If you cause a caution you will speed thru the pits and go to the end of the longest line - NO EXCEPTIONS  if no driver claims fault - all drivers will be charged a caution and have to go end of longest line.

In-game communication: 

                               Voice:  All drivers must have teamspeak 3 and be in the N4Nites Racing Channel, all drivers are required to use voice communication for all pitting, passing, moving over, etc.  We welcome all drivers with disabilities to race with us, please let the admins know of any limitations you may have so we can communicate that with the competitors to avoid on track incidence.

                    In Game Text: All Drivers are asked to please use in game text communication as much as possible on  top of voice communication for pitting, passing, etc..  

Playoff-Chase eligibility:    Win + (over 1/2 the number of the races per season) or more starts (provisional starts do NOT count); highest points by a drive with out a win (number of playoff participants will depend on playoff field driver count) 

the final number of drivers eligible will be the total about of drivers that have competed in over 20 races + 2 drivers. - 

Provisional Starts:  Drivers will receive no more then 6 Provisional Starts Per regular season and 1 provisional start for the playoff contenders in the playoffs.

provisional starts will be awarded points of 2 positions below the final race participant.

Drivers will not be aloud to apply provisional to previous races but can be applied to any races after their first start in each series!

N4Nites Racing Series

N4Nites Cup Series!  
Sunday Nights 2017
MOD: MEC's18
Voice: Teamspeak 3: Mandatory!
2x racing
30% race
fixed fast sets
Moderate damage
practice Starts: 7:30 Eastern
qualifying: 8:45 pm Eastern
10 minute Warm-up:
Race Immediately after!
Weather: 70 & clear!

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