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Welcome to N4Nites Simulation Racing!!

Here we race all year! Cup, Trucks, 4 Bangers, Grand National, if it has wheels we want to race it. We are a small community of drivers that have been racing together for a long time and we are always looking for drivers and friends that like to race, talk, joke and most of all have fun! We run on Sunday and Monday Nights, during the regular season we run the Cup Series on Sunday's and Truck Series on Mondays. The off-season/holiday season we run a fun fixed setup league on Monday's and open set league on Sunday nights, see league info and sign up for leagues and requirements.

This Week in N4Nites Simulation Racing!


Simmons grabs his 4th win in a row after running down teammate John Boneske working the fuel mileage with under 10 to go. 

Panciocco wins again at Pocono Raceway!

Four wins out of five N4Nites Simulation racing series races, the #44 car lead the first few laps of the race only to be victimized by a loose racing condition and the 84 just ran away with the race from there to capture his 4th win of the season.

Bill Hall scores his first N4Nites Cup Series Race at Indy!

One of the 3 major races of the 2017, Indianapolis Motor Speedway brought a strong field of contendes with all drivers posting fast speeds. A late entry of Billy Squier started the race dead last and quickly drove thru the field and was on the back deck of Simmons in the #44. This was the closest anyone came to Simmons bumper and made the #44 lose allowing the 18 to driver to the lead and pull away! Simmons day which was promising ended after multiple spins of his ill-handling car for his first DNF of the season. The race went green for the rest of the race which put fuel mileage into the hands of the 84 of Panciocco and #33 of Bill Hall and as the last laps came closer the 18 had to pit and the 84 sputtering trying to make on fumes. It was a great win for the #33 car and shows you that perseverance and trust can be just as good as a super fast car! next week we head to Pocono Raceway for race #4 of the 2017b season.

Panciocco dominates at Louden NH and is dominating the early 2017b season.

The N4Nites Cup Series went to the northeast to start the second week of the N4Nites Simulation Cup Series 2017B season. Mike Panciocco unloaded and lead the series in every practice and qualifying session. The race was more of the same with the 84 team pulling away from the field with no challenge all night. A very strong effort from the 19 of Goertzen running 2nd all night until the last green flag pit stops. Kincade and the 75 car had a fast car but technical issues grabbed the 75 and ended their day early. The Cad Vis Racing team of  the #44 of Simmons and #49 of Boneske running strong laps and keeping out of trouble. The last green flag pit stop for the #44 put Simmons into second and he pulled away from a fast 19 car to finish second while Boneske finished 4th on the night. Today belong to the 84 of Panciocco as he wins his 2nd racing in row and dominating the early 2017b season.

League Announcement:

As we look to start our 2017b season we are moving our scoring system, league manager and car file downloader to VPM.
All new and existing drivers will need to sign up by next Sunday's race at Kentucky! Please use the link below to signup see our schedule page for the 2017b season w/ links to all second half tracks.

Driver Sign up CLICK HERE!


Simmons and the Reese's team hoisted their 2nd N4Nites Truck Series Championship at their home track of Poconco.
The 44 team took home 6 wins, 13 top 5's and lead 585 laps of 1,080 laps run in their Chevy Truck Rod! "We kind of back into this one championship, we need to figure out how to finish our season stronger. We won this on the back of our strong regular season. It makes it nice taking hope the trophy at the teams home track!"

Ben Simmons takes home his 3rd N4Nites Simulation Racing
Cup Series Championship